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Which course is the right course start with?

It’s a common misconception but really there’s nothing basic about fundamentalsĀ coaching in any sport. Fundamentals coaching is a common movement in many sports including rock climbing, kayaking and football. The idea is that there are some fundamental skills that every participant needs to understandĀ in order to move forward at any level.

We find many riders who describe themselves as intermediate, or even advanced, riders often do not have a good understanding of the fundamentals of their sport. The upshot of this is that they may have got so far on confidence and bravery alone, but are unable to improve further due to a big hole in their fundamentals. In other words they are lacking strong foundations upon which to build.

As you would expect, we always recommend newbies and rookies start with learning the fundamentals first, but we also give the same advice to experienced riders who have not had any fundamentals coaching before.

Having said all of that, we do not insist that our customers start with our Singletack Fundamentals course; many people start with Singletrack Improver. But, if you are planning to join us for several courses over a period of time, you will definitely find you’ll get far more out of the higher level courses if you address your fundamentals first. You may also iron out some bad habits before joining us again for a more advanced session where these bad habits could get in the way of progression.

You’ll also learn our coaching style, language and methodology, which will mean you have less catching up to do on other courses and therefore will get much more out of them.

As you may have guessed, The Fundamentals are an important part of ALL of our courses.